Healthnic Toolkit

“HEALTHNIC: Healthy and ethnic diet for inclusion” is an Erasmus+ project that promotes healthy eating habits and traditional food from different ethnic cuisines, based on participatory learning that combines ICT and language skills. The main target groups come from various backgrounds including refugees, immigrants, long-term unemployed and indigenous groups, who wish to develop their knowledge about food and cooking and interact in a multinational environment. In this way they have the chance to evaluate their home- country culture, enrich their multicultural experience and transfer the gained knowledge to local communities through presentations and digital storytelling videos.
Through this project, a new educational resource will be promoted by setting up and running the “HEALTHNIC Workshops”. The workshops enable participants to acquire basic skills such as home economics and healthy eating education, supported with food and nutrition glossaries and food preparation methods.

TOOLKIT: What is it?
The Healthnic Diet toolkit is a compilation of interactive resources, do`s and don`ts, feedback and comments that were extracted during the pilot implementation of the local Healthnic Diet workshops. It`s a useful resource together with the e-platform and the Practical Guide for any professional that would like to organise a Healthnic workshop with mixed groups of immigrants and indigenous people.