Implementation: A cooking activity which helps participants come closer as the act of baking allows them to touch in an acceptable by all way and is the basis for introducing them in the use and importance of wholemeal grains.

Requirements: Wholemeal flour of different kinds, water, yeast, salt, spices, basins and baking plates, oven. Black or whiteboard. Projector.

How to: We divide the group into subgroups.

  • Participants discuss the different types of bread from their homeland/place of origin.
  • Yeast or sourdough? How is the sourdough made?
  • How can the basic bread recipe given by the facilitator be modified to become healthier?
  • Spices that can be used: poppy seeds, nigella sativa seeds, coriander, pistacia lentiscus seeds ( native plant in Greece ) origin and how they affect the taste and nutritional value of the bread
  • Wholemeal vs “white’ grains: basic information using a power point presentation about nutritional facts and cooking methods
  • Knead the bread and enjoy the smell while baking

Learning outcomes:

  • favours a high level of interaction
  • overcomes language and cultural barriers
  • gives important nutritional information in an enjoyable way
  • helps the group come closer by sharing a meal together