Implementation: Can be used a group learning exercise or an icebreaker.

Requirements: There are a list of baking ingredients self-raising flour, salt, baking powder, butter or margarine, egg and milk.

How to:

Participants are asked to come together at a table, write out the recipe on the whiteboard in a step by step basis, then each student will be asked to measure out different ingredients so that they are learning the English word for the ingredient and are aware of how to say measurements in English. As each ingredient is used they should be ticked off the whiteboard.

Learning outcomes:

  • Favours a high level of interaction
  • Overcomes language and cultural barriers
  • Help people to feel they are accepted by others
  • Turns participants from formal to informal
  • Makes strangers experience a common ground where individual becomes peers
  • Is enjoyable
  • Encourages the participants to practice their English language