Implementation: This activity presents an opportunity to share knowledge and learn together the medicinal and nutritional value of how to use herbs and spices to achieve a diverse, healthy and tasty diet through smell, taste, touch and talk.

Requirements: Provide a selection of growing herbs (minimum six); facilitator to prepare Herbs and Spices handout identifying properties and health benefits; white board or Flip chart and pens.

How to:

  • Discuss all together knowledge and stories of using herbs and spices
  • Write up on wall chart (white board / flip-chart) new words and build a glossary of food and cooking related words and terms (see Annex 4 of the Practical Guide to Healthnic Workshop)
  • All together, identify herbs by touch, smell and feel. Encourage sharing memories, stories and feelings that have been stimulated by the activity.
  • Hand-out provided for reference and available to take home

Learning outcomes:

  • Enhanced communication and story-telling of diverse cultures and traditions
  • Overcome language and cultural barriers
  • Experience group bonding
  • Understanding the difference between a herb and a spice
  • Improve knowledge of the nutritional and medicinal value of herbs and spices
  • Understanding value of using herbs and spices to diversify traditional dishes