Implementation: it is a learnig-by-doing process where participants learn herb and spice properties and uses by observing, tasting, smelling and proving them in their recipes

Requirements: facilitators prepare a document with a presentation a selection of herbs and spices, at least 15. This document is made by a in-depth information box for each herb or spice with the explanation of its properties and uses (you can find it on the Annex 5 of the Healthnic Guide), a photo, a open box where participants can write their notes and suggestions during the testing session.

How to: facilitators provide “herbs and spices document” to each participants to the workshop and organize a testing session with all the herbs and spices selected. Participants can observe, taste, smell and ask the facilitators how to use spices and herbs in their recipes. At the end of this testing session, the participants have the opportunity to prove some of this herbs and spices during the cooking session.

Learning outcomes:

  • a complete understanding of the whole process
  • overcomes language and cultural barriers
  • experience all steps of a complete path
  • improve participants’ knowledge of the nutritional properties of herbs and spices
  • taste how spices and herbs change food flavour during the cooking sessions